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Salomea Krushelnytska

Salomea Krushelnytska was a world famous singer with lyric-dramatic soprano of incomparable beauty, whose range of nearly three octaves was a unique phenomenon in the world vocal art. The greatest theatres and concert halls of the world tried to secure a contract with her. The celebrated conductors, such as Arturo Toscanini, Leopoldo Mugnione, Ferrero and others, rivalled for the honour to conduct the performances, in which she participated.

Solomia Krushelnytska impressed the audience not only on the opera stage but as a chamber singer as well. Her artistic genius was magnified by her grace and won the admiration of the most prominent singers of the time - Enrico Caruso, Mathia Battistini,Titto Ruffo, F.Shaliapin, M.Mentsynsky and others. The famous composers A.Tatalani, Richard Strauss, Giacomo Puccini were profuse in their gratitude for her impressive performance of the leading female parts in their operas. Composers, writers and artists dedicated many of their works to the great singer. Solomia Krushelnytska was born on September 23, 1872 in the village of Bilanivtsi, now the Buchach district of the Ternopil region. She spent her childhood and youth in the village of Bila near Ternopil. Since early childhood she was fond of folk songs and native land.

She received the basis of musical education in the gymnasium of Ternopil. Since 1891 she continued her studies at the conservatoire of the Halician musical society in Lviv for two years. Her first debut in the opera "The Favourite" by the Italian composer Donicetti took place on the stage of the Lviv opera. Her part of Leonore in it was a great success.

In 1893 she went to study in Italy. A year later she was invited to sing in the Lviv opera. During the whole of her career she came to sing in Lviv again and again. Since 1895 she also sang in Krakiv and Warsaw (Poland), Kremona, Triest, Parma, Zara (Italy), Santiago (Chile). After singing in "La Scala"(Milano) her name became famous the world over. She was invited and went to sing in Europe and both Americas (South and North). The reminiscences of the famous singer's contemporaries, the playbills of her concerts testify to her progress in studies, mastering music and performing skills and, of course, to her great success.

She was praised and worshipped everywhere, but every now and then she returned to her native Ukraine and in 1939 she stopped in Lviv never to leave it

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