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The Latin Cathedral


The Latin Cathedral
1, Katedralna str.
Phone: +380-32-2725682
49° 50' 26.502" N, 24° 1' 49.764" E


XIX. Katedralna str., 1. The Cathedral of Virgin Mary's Dormition.

Lviv Latin CathedralThe Latin Cathedral is the main Roman-Catholic church in Lviv. The first stone was laid by the king Kazimierz the Great in 1349. It has being constructed during the centuries, absorbing the styles of different epochs — gothic, renascence and baroque. There is the most precious relics in the central altar of the church. It is the recurrence of the Wonderworking Icon of the Virgin Mary the Gentle. In times of enemy invasion in 1656, the king Jan Kazimierz entrusted his country to Her care. In the XVIII century with the effort of archbishop Sera-kovskyi the interior of the church was reconstructed in baroque style. At the end of the XIX century, according to the projects of Jan Matejko, J. Mehoffer, T. Axentowicz and others new stained-glass windows were produced, which organically supplemented and accomplished the interior of the church.