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St. Michael's church


St. Michael's church
22, Volodymyra Vynnychenka
Phone: +380-32-2726955
49° 50' 32.4492" N, 24° 2' 12.7824" E


XVII . Vynnychenka 22.

Lviv St. Michael's churchSt. Michael's church (The church of the Arch-Angel Michael) was built as the Roman-Catholic church of the Barefooted Carmelite monastery. Its blessing is connected with a name of Ukrainian patron St. Michael who was the protector of the Lord's Grave. In 1991 the church and the monastery were presented to the monks of the Studite Order of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. Metropolitan Andrei Sheptyts’kyi founded this Order in 1920s. The monks of the Order conform to the rules of old Christian Slavonic-Byzantine traditions, they work actively upon missionary and educational problems. Wall paintings in the church were made by Italian painter G.Pedretti and his pupil B.Mazurkiewicz (1731-1732) There is a unique marble altar of the XVII century in the shape of small church (tempietto) in a presbyter.